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It all started in Los Angeles...


The first commercial winery in California was built in 1833, under a giant 400-year old sycamore named "El Aliso." It wasn't in Napa or Sonoma.  In was in downtown Los Angeles.  

By the mid-19th century, Los Angeles was established as a prolific and innovative wine-producing region, with over 100 wineries. Prohibition, urbanization and vine disease decimated the industry. Los Angeles’ tradition of local winemaking disappeared.

Angeleno Wine Co. is bringing it back. 


Jasper Dickson

Jasper was born and raised in Northern California. His father was a home winemaker who would take his son along when he would go wine tasting. It was there that the seeds were sown. The smell of fermenting and aging wine. The mythic character of wine barrels and tanks,  The bucolic, breathtaking vibrant greens of the surrounding vineyards. All made an impression that would last a lifetime.

Soon Jasper moved to Los Angeles, the city that would inspire him and become his home for his adult life. In 2008, he started working at Silverlake Wine, where the education really began. He had a whole world of wine at his fingertips. He got to meet winemakers from all around the globe and asked endless questions. Most importantly, Silverlake Wine is where he would meet his eventual business partner, Amy.

Jasper had been fooling around with home winemaking until 2013 when he went commercial under his Rhythm Wine label. In 2015 he met Juan Alonso and fell in love with the Alonso Family Vineyard in Agua Dulce. This, combined with a deep dive into Los Angeles’ forgotten wine history, convinced him that the city could have and deserved to have its own local wine. The stage was set.

Amy Luftig Viste

Amy grew up outside Cincinnati, Ohio. She moved steadily west over time, studying and working in political science and public health until she arrived in Los Angeles. She fell instantly in love with the city.  Once here, Amy launched several programs focused on expanding health care coverage to low income, uninsured Angelenos. 

Along the way, Amy became obsessed with understanding this complex and joyful thing that is wine - what it is, how it came to be, and why it is all so different. Amy became single-mindedly obsessed when she volunteered to help winemakers during harvest. She decided by the end of the first day that nothing on earth was more fun than cleaning wine barrels, shoveling waist-deep grapes out of a fermenter, picking fruit in the earliest hours of the day and spending countless sober and not-so-sober hours with the soulful, hard-working types who gravitate towards the winemaking path.

Unsurprisingly, Amy met Jasper over drinks at Silverlake Wine. Also unsurprisingly, Amy and Jasper first imagined Angeleno Wine over drinks (9am cocktails).  Fast forward a couple of years, and Amy finds herself working with Jasper in the heart of the local winemaking tradition.

Our wines

Angeleno Wine Company specializes in making wine naturally and sustainably from organic and responsibly farmed vineyards grown in Los Angeles County and the greater Southern California area.

The Meadow rosé

Since a little park, locally known as "The Meadow" opened in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, it has been the go to place for the community to go and pound an ice cold bottle or two of rosé. So when the time came to name our first rosé I didn't even hesitate. The goal was a crisp, clean, dry rosé, but something that still had a little texture and character. Predominantly made from the rare Spanish grape Graciano with a hint of Garnacha.

Bike path

After many years, I began cycling again. I quickly became obsessed with riding the Los Angeles River Bike Path. Everyday I would ride up and down the river trying to figure out what to name the new wine I was working on. Made from 100% Los Angeles County fruit grown in Agua Dulce at the amazing Alonso Family Vineyard, Bike Path is a mellow, thirst quenching, silky red blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha. 


As unique and beautiful as what hit the deserts and grasslands of Southern California this year thanks to record breaking rain: SuperBloom is a blend of Albariño from Los Angeles County and Riesling and Chenin Blanc from Santa Barbara County. It is our proud showcase of Southern California vineyards.


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