Juan Alonso Vineyard

Our pride and joy, Angeleno Wine comes from a small vineyard about an hour north of Los Angeles in a little town called Agua Dulce.  It is farmed by Juan Alonso, a visionary who planted an array of lesser known Spanish grape varietals in the perfect spot that allows them to thrive in this little valley (for you Angelenos, to get to Agua Dulce, take the 5 to the 14 and get off at Sand Canyon Way.  It’s sort of near the Vasquez Rocks area).

The vineyard is indescribable.  There are no words to articulate its stunning beauty at 6am, when the sun is rising above the vineyards at harvest, when it is still cold enough to see your breath and you need to wear gloves, even though it’s summer.  You have to come see it.   Even if you can’t open your eyes by 6am, come at 10am – we’ll still be there, and you can join in for our post-harvest beer.  A beer after a morning of harvesting grapes is the best beer you’ll ever have.

Juan is the heart and soul of Angeleno.  We consider him Angeleno’s real winemaker, as he grows these perfect grapes that nature magically turns into wine. He grows them organically and sustainably.  Juan is also a French-trained chef who owns a restaurant called Le Chene on the vineyard which you might recognize from old movies.  Juan will make you laugh.  He’ll talk right to your soul.  He’ll tell you a salty story from his youth.  He’ll pretend not to hear you when he needs to buy time to think of a good answer to your question.  We are addicted to Juan Alonso.  We are eager for harvest so we can see him again.  We find reasons to see him when it’s not harvest.  We fall more in love with Juan every year and you will too