About Angeleno Wine Co.

Los Angeles used to be the epicenter of winemaking not just for California but for the nation.  Angelenos were making beautiful wines well before Sonoma and Napa.  We were shipping wine to New Yorkers.  As local Los Angeles historian Thomas Pinney put it, “the most striking fact about the history of winemaking in Los Angeles, city and county, is the completeness with which it has been forgotten.”

With you by our side, we will open the first urban winery in Los Angeles in over 100 years.   We will be the only winery in the city making wine from locally-sourced Los Angeles fruit. In the spirit of supporting Los Angeles’ trend of eating and drinking local, we are bringing local wine production back to the great city of Los Angeles.

After almost three years of looking for the perfect location for our small urban winery and tasting room, we found a home in North Chinatown.  Our winery sits on top land that use to be vineyards – that’s one reason we fell in love with it.  That, and the fact that our landlord was the only person in 3 years to say yes.

With a focus on unique varietals with an intimate connection to the landscape and history of the Los Angeleno region, Angeleno Wine Company is making wine that tells a story about time and place. Come join this journey with us.


Our Wines

Angeleno Wine Company is led by Jasper Dickson, a true garagiste winemaker.  Many of you have met Jasper at Silverlake Wine and the Barnsdall Friday Night wine pourings.  That’s pretty much how Jasper’s now business partner, Amy, met him as well.

With a focus on unique varietals with an intimate connection to Los Angeles landscape and history, Jasper makes wine that tells a story about time and place.  Jasper only works with vineyards that farm sustainably, and from land that has a deep connection to history.  Jasper travels throughout the region to meet the farmers and sources his grapes from land that is special for different reasons.

For Jasper, wine is a way of telling a story about Los Angeles – its people, its background, its innovators and local farmers.  Angeleno Wine Company is about the joy and hard work of the people involved in the making of every bottle.  Because of the locality of Angeleno Wines, the names of Angeleno wines are often subtle references to Los Angeles landmarks and happenings – Bike Path, The Meadow, Superbloom.  

Angeleno is small production.  We make about 1000 cases a year.   Our wines are sold around town – we don’t yet have a distributor and we sell everything ourselves.  Silverlake Wine, Everson Royce, Covell, Good Measure, Milk Farm, Hi Lo Liquor, Venice Wines, Melody, Broken Spanish, Gjelina, Crossings, All’Aqua, Barbrix, Cliff’s Edge, Café Stella, Cooks County, Ostrich Farm, Urban Radish – these and other small local businesses have been good friends to us and to their communities.  We are forever grateful for their support of our wines.

Our favorite grapes from Juan’s vineyard – Tannat, Syrah, Grenache, Albarino, and others – are varietals from warm and dry climates that grow so well here.  We harvest them early to preserve their natural acidity and to create red and white wines that are earthy, elegant, balanced, and refreshing in the hot summer months.

Something from Los Angeles, for Los Angeles.

Alonso family vineyard tannat

Of all the magic that is the Alonso Family Vineyard, the crown jewel is the Tannat. Tannat is a grape that originates from the Southwest of France, areas like Irouléuy and Madiran, where it typically makes a rough tannic wine that can sometimes take years to mellow out. However, here in north Los Angeles County, the terroir is such that the wines come out softened, delicate and elegant and a nose that is vibrant with herbs and red berry fruit. 

Alonso family vineyard grenache

Grenache has been planted all around the world and made into many different styles of wine. It originally comes from Spain, so it's only fitting that a Spaniard like Juan Alonso would have planted it right here in Los Angeles County. Even though California Grenache's are known to be very immense, rich wines, like the one's found in Paso Robles, Juan's vineyard naturally produces a more laid back, earthy and slightly ethereal style wine.

The meadow rose.

Since a little park, locally known as "The Meadow" opened in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles, it has been the go to place for the community to go and pound an ice cold bottle or two of rosé. So when the time came to name our first rosé I didn't even hesitate. The goal was a crisp, clean, dry rosé, but something that still had a little texture and character. Predominantly made from the rare Spanish grape Graciano with a hint of Garnacha.

Bike Path.

After many years, I began cycling again. I quickly became obsessed with riding the Los Angeles River Bike Path. Everyday I would ride up and down the river trying to figure out what to name the new wine I was working on. Made from 100% Los Angeles County fruit grown in Agua Dulce at the amazing Alonso Family Vineyard, Bike Path is a mellow, thirst quenching, silky red blend of Tempranillo and Garnacha.